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When to use the PILOT

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What is the PILOT?

The PILOT is a qualitative tool enabling you to quickly identify appropriate ECODESIGN measures for the improvement of your product. Concrete measures are presented in a language understood by product developers and may be implemented immediately.
The PILOT is a systematic tool, enabling you to consider ECODESIGN in the development of new products.
The PILOT is a knowledge base containing examples to learn all about ECODESIGN and develop a broad understanding in the context of sustainable development.

What is the PILOT not?

The PILOT is NOT a tool for the environmental assessment of products in the sense of an ecological balance.

When should you use the PILOT?

When a quick, targeted decision on product improvement in the sense of ECODESIGN is required.
When it is unclear how to integrate ECODESIGN along product development.
When an holistic understanding of ECODESIGN is aimed at.

When should you not use the PILOT?

For a comparison of the overall ecological balance of two products, to identify the absolute (not relative) environmental impact of a product.

For whom was the PILOT made?

For product developers, designers, engineers, environmental consultants....

What can the PILOT do?

The PILOT enables you to identify precisely those ECODESIGN measures that have the greatest leverage for an environmental improvement of your product and, at the same time, hold only a low implementation risk.
The PILOT provides you checklists as working documents.
The PILOT explains product related environmental aspects with examples.

What results do I get using the PILOT?

The application of the pilot results in:
5 to 10 ECODESIGN measures that should be implemented for an improvement of the product,
ECODESIGN requirements to consider in product development,
ECODESIGN understanding for targeted decision in companies.

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