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How to work with the PILOT

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In the main approach to the PILOT - improvement - there are two areas: learn and apply.
The active area is highlighted as shown here:

learn / apply

You can switch between these areas. If you need more information to do a descision you switch to learn.
To find the ECODESIGN checklists you switch back to apply.

You want to improve your product regarding to ECODESIGN?

Select improvement.
This is the application-oriented approach to the ECODESIGN PILOT.
  1. Assign the product to one of the five basic types (A-E).
  2. Select your improvement objective and identify 2 to 3 suitable strategies for product improvement.
  3. Print out the checklists and work them through in a team(!).
  4. Find the ECODESIGN measures with a high priority and a low implementation risk, and realize these first.

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