Pilot Version 3

Improvements of the ECODESIGN PILOT Version 3 referring to functions and usability:

Improved checklists functions

  • Checklists can be filled in directly in the web page.
  • The calculation of the priorities takes place automatically after entering the data.
  • The completed checklists can be saved as HTML files and reused later.
  • For the ideas for product improvements and for the estimation of  the costs new fields have been built.
  • The apply area has been linked directly to the learn area by pop up time wasting changes can be avoided.

Improved user interface

  • The frontpage has been designed more clearly.
  • The PILOT now offers a full text search.
  • For a better understanding some of the pictures have been changed. 

Software adaptation

  • The site was adapted to the new browsers generations and the actual HTML standard.

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