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ECODESIGN is a future-oriented tool for your enterprise. Competition growing stiffer and environmental regulations stricter makes it difficult for a company to remain competitive. ECODESIGN will give you the decisive competitive edge.
You will improve the environmental performance of your products, further the development of novel products, and reduce costs.
Think of the future prospects of your enterprise.

ECODESIGN not only has positive effects on the environment but also on your enterprise. Taking into account the whole product life cycle provides for a better environmental performance of your product and, at the same time, reduce costs. Thus, avoiding waste will not only save costs for disposal but also reduce procuring costs.
ECODESIGN offers new opportunities by means of better and innovative products.
Make use of this potential.


Here, you will be shown how to approach an ECODESIGN project for your benefit. You will get cues for comprehensive planning and a systematic approach, for instance in choosing a suitable strategy and measures for product improvement.
A well organized realization of a project already is half the way to success.
Think about what the proposed working steps mean for your situation.

The Project Plan

Here, you will find a detailed plan for your ECODESIGN project. It consists in a list of all essential steps in the realization of the project. The plan describes what – should be done – when – by whom.
A good project plan is essential to a successful realization of the project.
Develop your own ECODESIGN project plan.

Critical Success Factors!

The critical success factors comprise essential items that are of central importance in a project. They can decide on success or failure of an ECODESIGN project. This refers, for instance, to issues such as support on the part of the management or to clear-cut decisions as to budgetary questions.
Take into account the critical success factors – in order to make your ECODESIGN project a success.