Reduction of transportation

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Minimize transportation for distribution of product

In addition to packaging transportation of the product constitutes a crucial factor for the overall environmental impact caused by distribution. It is therefore imperative to minimize hauling distances. One possible approach to realize this goal consists in the optimization of quantities of cargo and number of hauling operations by means of logistics concepts.

Choose environmentally acceptable means of transportation for distribution of product

Apart from minimizing hauling distances the choice of appropriate means of transportation reduces the environmental impact caused by the distribution of the product. Among the locally available systems choose the one that is environmentally most acceptable. Switching from transportation by truck to railroad or ship can drastically reduce damage to the environment.

Prevent shipping damage

In order to avoid shipping damage it is sometimes advisable to prepare the product itself for transportation (e.g. fastening moving parts) thus reducing the risk of damage.

Use stackable product packaging

Stackable product packaging reduces the volume of the cargo to be transported. This measure helps to minimize the overall input required for transportation of the product.

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