C: transportation intensive

Improvement <-

Improvement objectives and strategies for basic type C
(transportation intensive product)

Change packaging

As packaging material is useful only for a limited period of time (unless it is returnable) the type and quantity of material used for packaging have to be optimized. Especially with products that have to be transported over long distances, the weight of the packaging material, too, has a great influence on the overall consumption of resources.
Is it possible to reduce the weight of the packaging material?
Is it possible to use returnable packaging or renewable or recycled materials for packaging?

-> Reduction of packaging

Target: Optimization of packaging by taking into account material characteristics, renewability, closed cycles, ...

Change transportation

The various systems of transportation differ as to their environmental impact. Long distance transportation of products should be realized as efficiently as possible.
Is it possible to reduce the overall input required for the transportation of the product?

-> Reduction of transportation

Target: Reduction of the overall requirement for transportation

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