E: disposal intensive

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Improvement objectives and strategies for basic type E
(disposal intensive product)

Use alternative materials

The selection of materials has a great influence on the input required for recycling or disposal at the end of life of a product
Is it possible to reduce the input for disposal by choosing alternative materials?

-> Selecting the right materials

Target: Reduction of environmental impact by using environmentally sound materials, recycled materials, renewable materials, ...

Prolonged Use of the Product

The end of life of a product may be delayed by a design aiming at a long service life of the product (and/or its components). This is particularly important with components containing hazardous materials, which are difficult to recycle or which require a high input for disposal.
Is it possible and does it make sense to prolong the useful life of the product?
Is it possible to avoid premature disposal of the product by repairing it?

-> Increasing product durability

Target: Durability through dimensioning, surface design, ...

-> Improving reparability

Target: Improving access to, disassembling, and exchange, ... of parts

Disassembly and Recycling

The more parts and components of the product can be reused and the easier materials can be recycled the less material has to be disposed of; the input necessary for disposal will be limited and resources contained in the product may be reused or recycled. In this context design should aim at reusing parts and components as this approach avoids the destruction of the structure of components and thus preserves the value of individual parts.
Is it possible to recycle materials?
Is it necessary for this purpose to disassemble components or to separate different materials?

-> Improving disassembly

Target: Make possible product take back and ease of disassembling (fastness, ...)

-> Reuse of product parts

Target: Make possible reuse of parts (access, remanufacturing, ...)

-> Recycling of materials

Target: Make possible recycling of materials (separation, labeling, ...)

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